Speed Reading Program Review

The most successful businessmen, presidents, lawyers, doctors, and entrepreneurs of our generation have learned speed reading and expanded their understanding in a variety of subjects. Learning to read faster is crucial to your future success – it trains your brain and improves your reading skills. Speed reading also increases productivity by facilitating reading assignments and increasing leisure time.
My reading speed doubled in the last month. I was reading about 300 words per minute and now I am reading at about 600 words per minute. My comprehension also improved!
Stacy G.
Excellent program. Using it just a short time and already see improvement!
I have noticed that I remember information much better after I used the speed reading program! I really enjoyed the program!
Mary A.
I purchased other speed reading programs including one I saw on TV, but Fastreaders was much better than any program I used. I recommend this program to everyone.
Lance C.
Excellent product, very happy, saved me allot of money over similar products
I have always though speed reading was a myth, but as I attended one of the best universities in my region, I realized that I needed to improve my reading speed in a short time. Although I was used to the massive workload, I had to read a lot of books; ranging from philosophy to history. Thanks to this program, I am able to finish my huge workload and enjoy other things!
Mike F.
Can't get any better than this! Great Communication! Great program!
This is one of the best speed reading programs in the web today! It helped my 10 year old learn to read faster and now he is one of the smartest kids in his class because he easily comprehends the work and also has time to play sports in school.
Rubin H.
Excellent program! Very easy to use. I would recommend to anybody!!