Speed Reading Skills Assessment

This chapter will focus on the little factors that are slowing down your reading speed.  You should develop some new skills to overcome your old habits.

Methods for Optimizing Your Reading Speed

There are some small factors that can cause a significant slowdown in your reading speed. Such factors include page turning and starting to read a new line.

Turning the Pages of a Book

As describe in the previous section of this book, the binding of the book can halt your reading speed when turning pages. The binding of the book must be loose so that you have more control over the pages of the book.

After you have loosened up the binding on the book it is important to learn how to turn the pages of the book quicker. It is a very easy method: When you are reading a page on the left, your hand should be on the right side of the book. Also, if you are reading a page on the right, your hand should be on the left side of the book. If you are up to the end of the right side wait until you are about 2 lines from the end of the page and use your left hand to grasp the corner edge of the page so that as you finish the page you can quickly flip the page. It is vital that you do not stop read the page and take your eyes of the words when your left hand is beginning to grasp the corner. This method works for both right-handed people and left-handed people.

Starting a Line Quicker

As you finish a line try to begin the next one faster by refocusing your eyes on the beginning of the line. During the time you refocus your eyes on the new line you are not reading anything. You must begin to refocus your eyes more quickly. For some people, this can lead to regression. For example, if you try to start a new line quicker you will refocus your eyes on the line that you already read or a line that you were not suppose to start yet. However, the use of a pointer eliminates regression. Hence, try to read a line at your normal pace and after finishing it, quickly redirect your focus diagonally on the new line. If this serves as a problem, you can finish reading a line and then look at the line directly under it and shift your vision to the start of the line.

The Use of Pacers

Pacers enables your eyes to follow the lines that you are reading more easily. By its nature, the human eye is naturally attracted to motion. For example, your direction eye reacts very quickly to movement. When you use your hand or a pencil as a pointer your eye is directed to the placement of the pointer while reading. This allows you to consistently focus on the information being read.