How to Calculate Your Reading Speed

In this section of the guide you will be able to calculate your current reading speed using the book that you previously used to calculate the total words per page in the previous. At this time, set apart about 15-30 minutes to calculate your reading speed in a suitable environment. Remember to read at your normal pace.

If you want to get a broader outlook on your reading speed, it is necessary to test your reading speed on a variety of books. For example, you may want to test your reading speed on a literature book, a magazine/newspaper, and a nonfiction book. Please have a book in hand and use it to complete the following exercises.

In this guide you will learn how to increase speed reading and comprehension separately. This is very important because at times you will be asked to “read” and at other times you will be asked to “pace read”. While you are “reading” you will mostly be reading for a purpose. However, when you are “pace reading” you are more focused on reading faster than understanding what you are reading. This means to read as fast as you can, at times will not understand the main idea of the article you have read but that is okay! While you are “pace reading”, you need to focus on looking at most of the words in the article and reading them at a rate where you cannot subvocalize the words to yourself.

At times while you are reading, you might wish to evaluate your comprehension. The best way to do this is to first read an article and list everything you remember then reread it once more and list everything you did not list the first time. The basic principle here is that the more you read an article the more you will understand it. We will discuss this phenomenon later in the course.

Speed Reading Chart

Reading Speed (in WPM)


Under 100 WPM

You are below an average reader, you might have to see an eye specialist

100-200 WPM

You are below an average reader, usually you under 15 yrs of age

200-250 WPM

You are an average reader

250-350 WPM

You are reading at an average college level

350-500 WPM

You are above the average reader

Over 500 WPM

You are an advanced reader