Benefits of Speed Reading

We are in a new age. Information is being presented to us in many forms. During the past few years there has been a plethora of information introduced to us. While books are being produced, there is also a significant amount of information on the internet. As a result of all this information, people living in this age have to be able to read faster and comprehend information at a much faster rate.

Many jobs in today’s society require that the person is able to keep up with a series of events simultaneously. For example, stockbrokers and financial analysts have to read many articles (whether on the newspaper, email, or internet) that pertain to many markets in the world. Hence, it is becoming very difficult to maintain such jobs without proper reading skills.

Speed reading has been proven to increase a person’s reading rate while, at the same time, increasing comprehension. As your reading skills improve, you will be able to train yourself to concentrate all of your attention on the important parts of an article while filtering unnecessary jargons. You will be able to retain this information for a longer time and become a more confident reader.

What This Guide Will Help You Accomplish

This guide will enable you to read faster only if you have the motivation and the correct mindset to gradually increase your speed reading speeds. Just like anything that you work hard at, do not expect the results to suddenly appear one day. For example, professional bodybuilders have to gradually train their body one day at a time to see dramatic results. Thus, speed reading is very similar to typing or any other activity; you must train yourself regularly to improve.

For many beginners, it is very possible to triple your reading speed in just a week. However, for the more advanced readers, it will be a little difficult to at first increase your reading speed but after several days, you will be able to gradually increase your reading speed. Nevertheless, whether you are a beginner or a more advance reader, it takes commitment to increase your reading speed and comprehension.

The exercises in this book will help you to evaluate your reading speed progress. They are listed in a very easy to understand format. Hence, all the information is brief and to the point. With only a few minutes of practice each day, you will greatly accelerate your learning.

Ultimately, at the end of this guide, you should find yourself reading at a much quicker rate. Depending on how well you practice these methods and your mindset toward your goal, you should increase your reading speed by three times. If you are more determined and consistently practice these methods, you will be able to read five times faster. If at anytime in the future, your reading speed begins to slow down, you have to re-practice the methods in this book.

1. You need to be motivated and have a correct mindset!
You need a positive attitude and the ability to put aside several minutes of your time to practice the methods included. This means that you have to keep yourself motivated and focused on this goal. You have to look at the future and the positive influence speed reading will have on your life and work ethics.

2. Record your reading speed every time you practice these methods!
There is no easier way to give-up at something than not keeping proper records of your progress. Records will help you visualize your gains. You can always look back to your previous reading speeds and compare it with your current reading speed. The BEST motivation comes from seeing results and the only way to do this is to keep excellent records of your reading speed. Hence, this means that you should always challenge yourself by setting an achievable goal and working at it until it is accomplished. When using the Timing Sheets included in this guide, try to read something that you have a great interest in. If you accomplished your reading speed goals, set even higher ones. Test out your reading speed limits. Always work toward a reasonable goal.

Developing the Correct Outlook

Speed reading is not only about reading faster, it is also about reading smarter. In this guide, you will learn how important it is to set a purpose or goal while reading. This will help you to read smarter by speeding up and slowing down on certain information.

Our systematic progress of speed reading will also increase your concentration and comprehension. You will be able to think more clearly while you are reading. We will also teach you how to spot certain trends while reading which will further develop your reading speed.

Speed reading is easy to learn if you have the right resources and mindset. You have to be very motivated to learn this useful process. You have also taken a very important step while deciding to do this speed reading course. However, speed reading is not something that you can learn overnight. You need to stay consistent and do as many drills as possible.
This self-teaching course can be a little difficult because you are your own teacher. This means that you really have to be focused on achieving your goal of speed reading. Procrastination is your worst enemy. We always recommend that you do the speed reading drills in the morning or afternoon due to the fact that it is very easy to delay them and never get them done. The hardest part anything is probably the beginning. You must organize your time and make time for speed reading in your daily routine. Once you have done that and ensured that you have taken every step possible to increase your speed reading then the results will follow. With that said, it is very important to get off to a great start because this will prevent you from quitting or procrastinating throughout this course.

Once you have organized your time, you have to focus on getting a little bit done every day. You have to go through this course section-by-section. There is a big difference between a course and a literature book. On one hand, a literature book is designed to be read quicker and understood very easily. On the other hand, a course needs to be read little by little to gain the full understanding on it. For example, you can try to read a science course guide in a day, but how much of it will you remember by the end of the week? Chances are that you will remember very little of it because it contained too much information for you to grasp. Hence, do not read though this guide planning to do the exercises and drills at a later time because they will lose their effects. Plan to complete each drill before moving on to the next one.